Eradicate Ignorance

Eradicating it is not just about producing new knowledge. It is about sharing it in a way that reaches the minds of people, about finding alternative ways of education. Through our initiatives and campaigns, we hope to bring knowledge and a fact-based approach back to various spheres of life, all ages, and countries.

Ignorance goes beyond illiteracy and innumeracy. It affects the way we perceive reality or distinguish facts from opinions, and how we make decisions. It is one of the root causes of poor health, poverty, gender inequality, and environmental degradation. Every day it keeps reproducing behaviour models that led to it. Ignorance has become a source of disasters with planetary reach such as the Macondo oil spill, Monsanto pesticides, and chemically developed nutrition supplements.

We want to change the current situation where fact-based knowledge is produced but for various reasons it is not accessible to a wider audience or it is shared in a way they cannot interact with. Here we will curate the publications and other useful resources produced by researchers and enthusiasts around the world that deserve your attention.

Sustainable Nutrition

We are compiling a collection of curated sources for those who want to learn more about the role of nutrition in health and sustainable lifestyle.