Talks and Master Classes

AlterContacts Experts are regularly invited to universities and other organizations around the world to share our knowledge and insights with students, professionals, executives and government decision makers.

Doing Business in a Digital Age

During the 8th International Online Forum 2022 "Doing Business in a Digital Age" hosted by the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, in Bolivia, AlterContacts cofounder Massimo Mercuri and our expert in Metaverse, Carolina Salazar, together with tech gurus Conny Hedman and Chris Meniw,  discussed how technology develops and changes our lives, highlighting the importance of closing the digital gap for the academic disciplines.

Valemadrismo Responsable y Sustentable 

Logrando armonía inquebrantable en un entorno altamente volátil. Workshop para emprendedores y ejecutivos, con Paulo Cesar Ramirez Silva y Massimo Mercuri, organizado por EmprendHec Mexico.

Agricultura sostenible y circular

Debate interdisciplinario y alternativo al desarrollo rural mundialmprende e innova sin fronteras. Nuestro delegado en Colombia y experto en economia sostenible, Carlos Merlano, presentó un cátedra en el congreso Internacional de Economia Sostenibilidad y Circularidad 2022, de la Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana en Colombia, #UPBMontería

Un Diálogo de Saberes desde las Ciencia

Tres expertos de AlterContacts: Alejandro Kantun, Carlos Merlano y Massimo Mercuri, presentaron las siguientes ponencias en la Jornada de Investigación organizada en Noviembre 2021 por la Corporación Universitarias del Caribe (CECAR) en Colombia:

Emprende e innova sin fronteras

En Agosto 2021, Massimo Mercuri compartió consejos y experiencias sobre innovación e impacto social, para los estudiantes del MBA de la Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana en Colombia, #UPBMontería

Lessons from the Lockdown Economy

The recording was done during the introductory lecture for 150 Bachelor students of Epoka University (Albania) to onboard them for the Lockdown Economy project.

This recording was done during the live class for the MBA students of the Anahuac Mayab University in Mexico. It was the launch of the pilot of the Lockdown Economy Academy by the Think Tank AlterContacts. 

MBA program at the Anahuac Mayab University

By Carlos Merlano,  finance academic and business expert, a forward-thinking executive with a proven record of accomplishment in private and public companies during a 16-year career. 

By Datje van Reijendam, Strategic Business and Impact Developer, the founder and principal consultant of Okumera Consulting; a strategic facilitator of project-based business mainly in development zones, especially in Africa. 

By Poom Narudee Kristhanin, the CEO and Founder of Eureka Global, a transformation consultancy based in Thailand.

By Rishi Kapal, Stanford LEAD Alumni, Author of "Kites in a Hurricane" & "Managing Large Teams", Edtech & Innovations Expert, Transitions Coach 

Think Tank Webinars 2020

How to become recognized as an expert in your field?  How to build a "YOU" brand? Discover in this webinar by Anirvan Sen.

One of the ways to share knowledge is to give talks. How can you bring the message across and keep the attention of your audience? Find out in this webinar with Dannie-Lu Carr

Before the Pandemic

Entrepreneurial Journey, Startups & Downs at, Amsterdam, NL, 26 Feb 2020

Master’s Students Graduation Ceremony, Syktyvkar State University, Russia, July 2019