Thesis Fellowship

Every year we welcome a few students from Master's and Bachelor's programs as our fellows and provide them with field data and connections necessary for their research.

Master Thesis at Erasmus University Rotterdam 2022-23

From January to July 2023, an MSc student in Global Business & Sustainability of Erasmus University Rotterdam, Paris Cosma, will be writing his thesis in collaboration with the Think Tank AlterContacts and our initiative mOther Earth. He will investigate ruralisation, explore different sustainable business models that may facilitate ruralisation, and research the perceptions of European Union (EU) youth (18-30) about de-urbanization and ruralisation.

Bachelor Graduation Project at Epoka University 2020-21

In July 2021, two Bachelor students of Operations Management at Epoka University completed their graduation project based on the Lockdown Economy. On the side of the university, their work was supervised by Dr. Alba Kruja. As a result two graduation projects were produced:

The Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic On Albanian MSMEs And the Coping of Albanian MSMEs with the Situation by Rexhina Tare

Lockdown Economy: What was the Impact it had on the Food & Beverages Sector In Europe? by Kleida Sharra

This and more interviews from the field research you can find here.

Master Thesis at Erasmus University Rotterdam 2020-21

From January to July 2021, an MSc student in Global Business & Sustainability at Rotterdam School of Management from the Erasmus University Rotterdam was analyzing field data of Lockdown Economy to see how female entrepreneurs were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Master's thesis produced:

I am Not a Female Entrepreneur, She Said: Contextualising Female Entrepreneurship in Crisis and Leveraging Diversified Networks by Karen R.