Expert advice, training, and capacity-building for the effective orchestration and deployment of sustainable actions at scale

Your Trusted Advisor

Successful actions towards the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030 are the result of a systemic approach to engage stakeholders, understand the relationships between actors in a given situation, and clear view of the landscape.

Using good practices and insights from the experience with SDG Partnerships and Accelerated Actions, we increase your odds of success and the capabilities of your team to achieve long-lasting positive impact.

It takes three to five years to develop the skills and establish the organizational structure to be successful in designing and delivering sustainable solutions. When it comes to mindset, time doubles.

A faster, more practical way to achieve success, is to procure the expertise in the form of a trusted advisory. We bring the capacity to immediately get you and your team going and keep on going.

Hiring a trusted advisory is like hiring a guide to climb a mountain. You may have a map with waypoints to reach a goal, and the guide knows the territory.

Either start in a low-cost and low-risk environment or directly jump into a complex situation, at the beginning the guide plays a strong role that gradually gives way as your competencies evolve.

Guiding you in Sustainable Actions Design

We team up with you, with inclusive ways to acquire intelligence and find the root causes of the problem to solve, eliminate complexity, empower your team, and map the stakeholders' needs with the surrounding ecosystem.

That increases your understanding of the challenge and allows your team to view it from the perspective of the local community. Then we simplify the variables to make it easier to analyze the given situation.

Once the problem is reduced, fresh ideas for solutions and how to approach the challenge often become clear. The next step is to visualize the possible scenarios, to decide what is the best-fitting solution.

Here is what we look at in Sustainable Actions Design:

  • Fit with the long-term strategy of the organization, current priorities, and key objectives

  • Expected results on beneficiaries and community

  • What has been done by the organization before

  • What resources are available and what alliances exist

  • Fit with the local, regional and national policies, SDG and Agenda 2030 (+ESG)

  • Evaluating the 2d and 3d horizon impacts on People, Planet, and Prosperity

  • Setting Impact Measurement Indicators

  • Possible funding and financing mechanisms.

Sustainable Actions Delivery: Planning and Execution

What is the immediate impact, and what are the second- and third-degree repercussions on the community and the ecosystem if your action is successful? And if it is not successful, is it possible to break down the design into manageable bits? Even more important to preserve human and natural resources, what is the minimum effort required to get to each milestone?

Horizon planning is a technique to manage milestones and waypoints towards a goal. You can keep control of the execution without overwhelming the team. By re-assessing and micro-strategizing at every milestone, the execution becomes simpler. Celebrating successes at every stage of the journey will motivate you and your team to continue. In the end you will enjoy larger achievements.

Sustainable Actions Delivery consists of

  • Prototype, Pilot, and Proof of Concept

  • Community Engagement and Fast Mobilization

  • Documenting Processes for Replicating and Scaling

  • Hands-on Training of In-house Staff

  • Continuity, Outreach, and Recognition

  • Reporting on Snowball Impact Effect.

Hiring a trusted advisory is a strategic decision that leads to successful outcomes. Another successful strategic approach is to develop all the competencies in-house and build the capabilities before taking on the journey. Grow your leadership and organization's competencies to achieve a positive impact in line with SDGs and Agenda 2030. Read more on this page.