Expert advice and capacity-building for the effective design, orchestration and deployment of sustainable actions at scale

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In today's world, achieving sustainability requires more than just good intentions. It requires a systemic approach to engage stakeholders, understand relationships, and have a clear view of the landscape. With our experience in SDG Partnerships and Accelerated Actions, we increase your odds of success. 

Procuring the expertise of a trusted neutral advisor is a practical way to achieve a long-lasting positive impact in a short time. Building new organizational structures and developing skills takes time. Procure our trusted advisory services to quickly get you going, while we help develop your new in-house skills.

Guiding the Sustainable Actions Design Process

Our Sustainable Actions Design process collaborates with you to gather intelligence, identify the root cause, and map stakeholder needs. We simplify variables, generate fresh ideas, and align them with your organization's strategy, priorities, and objectives.

We consider the impact on beneficiaries and the community, available resources, and alliances. It aligns with local policies, SDGs, Agenda 2030, and ESG. We set impact measurement indicators and identofy funding mechanisms from the perspective of People, Planet, and Prosperity..

Welcome to the pinnacle of professional development — the Executive Impact Mastery Program: Navigating Sustainable Futures. As industry leaders, your strategic decisions shape not only the trajectory of your organizations but also leave a lasting imprint on society and the environment. This exclusive program is crafted to elevate your understanding and proficiency in orchestrating sustainable projects that seamlessly align with your organization's long-term strategy and global benchmarks.

Sustainable Actions Delivery: Planning and Execution

We take a comprehensive approach to Sustainable Actions Delivery, focusing on planning and execution. Our methodology includes assessing the immediate, second, and third-degree impacts on the community and the ecosystem while breaking down the design into manageable components to preserve resources.

We use horizon planning to evaluate waypoints and provide backup plans to keep the execution on track. Regular reassessment at every milestone streamlines the process and ensures consistent success, provides opportunities for reporting on performance indicators and motivates your team to continue making progress.

Email to increase your team's capabilities to achieve long-lasting positive impact, and reach your sustainability targets with a practical systemic approach.

Our Track Record

We tailor solutions to specific needs

Contribution to UN report on Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Our initiatives provide valuable field research for the current-day social problems in the field of youth, education, entrepreneurship, and sustainability; and hands-on experience in solving them. As a think tank, we then work through this data and outcomes to supply recommendations and possible methods on how that problem can be addressed on a larger scale.

Rebuilding the Social Fabric of Rural Villages in Spain

Strategic plan for the government of Galicia, Spain, a sustainable ecosystem of "villages of the future" to address the demographic crisis of the region. Portfolio of 26 projects in three phases: a network of Living Labs, prototypes of sustainably-integrated business models, and public-private partnerships aimed at setting the social and economic conditions for a gradual repopulation in less than a decade.

Granted Special Consultative Status to UN ECOSOC

In 2022, the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) adopted the recommendation of the Committee on Non Governmental Organizations to grant Special Consultative status to Think Tank AlterContacts. Now we can provide written and oral consultations to the United Nations, organize side events, and much more to make voices heard.

Laboratorio de Innovación Ciudadana en Colombia

Citizen-driven, social innovation laboratory to address institutional gaps in the justice system of the country. AlterContacts delivered the high-level design of the lab, the systemic plan for public engagement, and the project plan, to the Procuraduría General de la Nación de Colombia.

Other Services

We facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogues, collaborations, and workshops globally. Our experienced network of facilitators enhances your organization's sustainable action delivery capacity through strategic alignment, creative problem-solving, lifecycle design, and future scenario planning.

Developing competencies in-house and building capabilities before embarking on the sustainability journey is another successful approach. Our competence development and training services help you grow your leadership and organizational competencies to achieve a positive impact in line with SDGs and Agenda 2030.

All profit from our services are used to fund non-profit projects under the umbrella of multiple SDG Partnerships and Accelerated Actions for Social and Economic Development