Facilitation, Workshops, Experiences

We facilitate awareness and mindset building experiences, multi-stakeholder alignment, cross-sectoral collaborations, inter-disciplinary exchanges, creative problem solving, breakthrough innovation, roadmap planning, system lifecycle thinking, strategic and policy dialogue

Among our network there are also a few experienced facilitators of group dynamics, workshops and seminars in several languages. The earnings are used to fund non-profit initiatives


Top-Rated Examples of our Facilitation

Here we showcase the top five scripts that received highest rating from the participants.

Critical Path

Build a roadmap in record time, set milestones, identify priorities, simplify for purpose

Audience: Decision-makers, executives, experts

Group size: one or multiple groups of 30-100 people

Duration: 45 min to 4 hours

Action Ecosystem

Learn from each other, identify success factors, transfer knowlegde, solve each other’s problems, build a circular economy

Audience: Business owners, professionals, experts

Group size: one or multiple groups of 10-30 people

Duration: 1 to 4 hours

Silent Conversations

To dramatically speed up the exploration of concepts, analyze facts, describe complex problems, test ideas, profile stakeholder's point of view

Audience: Business leaders, professionals, experts

Group size: one or multiple groups of 10-20 people

Duration: 40 min - 1.5 hours


To generate ideas, change the mindset, boost team creativity, do a reality check, train the brain for action, make a concept tangible

Audience: Large teams, organizations, action groups

Group size: from 20 up to hundreds of people

Duration: 45 min - 3 hours

Strategic Dialogue

To build a shared purpose, create options to reach the goal, design a brand new business concept, or find better ways to achieve the mission

Audience: Leading organizations or project teams

Group size: 5 to 12 people or multiple small groups

Duration: from half day and up to 3 days


Each session is tailored to fit the audience profile, the theme of the event, and the purpose of the organizer. 

We combine what works best for tyour particular case, choosing from different facilitation methods.