Laboratory of Social Impact Ideas

Many people have beautiful ideas to build a new world. Even if they understand how to realize them, normally they find themselves alone, spend precious time and effort looking for funding, build an image, apply for grants or competitions... delaying the time from seed to action.

AlterContacts Foundation is here to help - so you can start building a new world today.

We act as a virtual laboratory of ideas that develops practices for sustainable solutions, helping people, communities, and organizations to become more resourceful. We incubate initiatives that contribute to a more prosperous world for generations to come.

The ultimate goal of a think tank is to be the driver of change: identify an institutional void or a societal problem that is not addressed, and bring attention to it. Both from the decision- and policymakers and the wider public through research, publications, events, initiatives.

We change the way things are done to a more holistic, conscious, and safe one that will define the future of our planet.

What we offer:

  • Incubator, accelerator, and prototype building

  • Foundation (Stichting) registered in the Netherlands

  • Proven track of initiatives recognized by the UN

  • Global network of experts, institutions, and NGOs

  • Source of a variety of skills on demand

What ideas we accept:

  • Help people and society

  • Contribute to SDG

  • S.M.A.R.T. proposals

  • Run by a dedicated responsible person or a small team

  • Can qualify for funding via crowd or social funds.

AlterContacts Charter

To confirm our commitment to conduct all our activities in a responsible and sustainable manner with well-assessed long-term implications on people and the environment, we are putting our principles of acting and interacting in writing in the Charter. It is applicable to everyone who is directly involved in our activities: co-founders, board of directors, experts, advisors, members, volunteers, partners, and suppliers. Additionally, we have started the process of validating our Partner's commitment to the UN Ten Principles, to align the mission with a joint vision.

Transparency & Reporting

We stand for full transparency and report our actions regularly. You can find up-to-date tracking of our actions and in-depth reporting on our everyday contribution to SDG on our LinkedIn page.

Our activities up until June 2020 and their SDG contribution on AlterContacts SDG Transparency Blog.

Yearly Report 2019

Yearly Report 2020

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