Head of SDG Actions

Julia Skupchenko is the Co-founder and Head of SDG Actions of the Think Tank AlterContacts and a Board Member for AlterContacts Foundation. She specializes in scaling audacious social impact initiatives. Under her leadership, the think tank deserved recognition from the United Nations. Presently, her focus is on academic innovation and enabling global youth to strive in the world of work.

She is an award-winning entrepreneur, business advisor, writer for Entrepreneur.com, with in-depth knowledge of business challenges. She is a registered Expert on Business Development, Marketing, and Sustainability for the European Commission.

The 17th annual Stevie Awards for Women in Business named Julia the winner of a Silver StevieĀ® Award in two categories Female Innovator of the Year and Mentor of the Year 2020. She was also awarded the Bronze as the Most Innovative Woman of the Year and the Woman of the Year 2020.

Before cofounding the Think Tank, Julia was a strategic advisor on Digital Innovation at CEO-4 level for a Fortune 500 company. Previous to that, she was responsible for communications, stakeholder engagement, and third-party advocacy at a FTSE 50 company.

Originally, Julia comes from the Arctic region. She wrote and taught two university courses on Northern Development. She is one of the authors of the Barents Encyclopedia.

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