Sustainable Corporate Villages

Part of the United Nations registered SDG Partnership #SDGAction46967 - mOther Earth

The DNA of the project is Rural Development. The goal is to revive and repopulate the rural areas of Europe. In line with the Next Generation EU, the idea is to create Villages of the Future (Las Aldeas del Futuro) while preserving the local communities, environment, and cultural heritage. We aim to provide opportunities for education and employment to rural youth; bring and develop sustainable entrepreneurs in rural communities; and solve the housing crisis by creating rural alternatives. The vision is to create sustainable self-sufficient rural communities driven by youth.

The approach to solving these is to create Villages of the Future – innovation settlements that bring rural youth, researchers, schools, startups, businesses, experts, and NGOs to reside there and co-create solutions to the most pressing local problems together with the community.

People at Heart - Automation in Mind: Finding your Balance

On December 7, at the 3rd Annual HR Innovations Summit, the co-founders of Think Tank AlterContacts hosted an interactive workshop on HR innovation for a sustainable tomorrow. Together with 33 participants, they explored how to lead a transformation where technology is complementary to the power of people.

Co-Creating the Workplace of Sustainable Future

On November 16, at the 7th Future Workplaces Summit by Luxatia International, the co-founders of Think Tank AlterContacts hosted a dynamic and interactive workshop on workplace innovation. In just one hour, they enabled 35 participants to explore the forces behind these changes in their organizations and how to channel them to a more sustainable and inspiring future.

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