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Why Think Tank AlterContacts?

Strong reputation and collaborations with governments, municipalities, NGOs, foundations, educational institutions, local communities, and socially responsible businesses.

Access to a global pool of resources and skills that are not available through traditional networking or business interactions.

Validation that your activities contribute to the planet, people, and human prosperity.

Ability to qualify for funds, calls, grants, and in-kind collaborations on sustainable projects.

Let's start from a 15-min exploratory conversation.

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Make a difference

All proceeds from these activities are used to fund our non-profit initiatives.


What we bring is practical, dynamic, and interactive sessions for groups and events.

It allows participants to exchange knowledge and ideas, explore how to achieve a goal, and unlock new opportunities for impact collaborations in a very short time.

We facilitate the creation of long-lasting impact in a variety of social and business areas.

Our methods enable alignment, collaboration, creative problem solving, roadmap planning, and strategic dialogue.

Think Tank AlterContacts acts as a neutral agent facilitating the dialogue among different stakeholders.

We create a safe environment that allows all involved parties to speak up, listen, think and contribute toward a shared vision of success.

When to Engage us

Best to engage us when the project owner or the decision-maker of an organization identifies the need to connect the people involved. It could be:

  • Stakeholders alignment

  • Project framing or reframing

  • Concept definition

  • Roadmap planning

  • Milestones and priorities identification

  • Execution spot checks

  • Problem resolution

To assure neutrality, when we act as facilitators – we are not part of the project execution. We step in and step out based on the project needs.

Everything is confidential

The Think Tank keeps all client information private.

Sustainable Projects

Based on your target beneficiary and overall objective, we will design, implement and scale high-visibility impact actions devoted to sustainability and SDG.

We collaborate closely with various agencies of the United Nations and have been featured on multiple occasions, including speaking at the UN Conference and being mentioned in the brief to all member states.

Our methods to achieve maximum impact using minimum resources are recommended by the United Nations SDG Good Practices Network as "an example to follow and replicate across the globe".

Examples of our work:

  • The Initiative that reached 75000 people in 42 countries and 17 languages in less than 6 months, and has been featured as an SDG Good Practice by the United Nations (UN DESA).

  • The training program that in half a year has been implemented six universities, involving 400 students across Europe and Latin America. It is recognized as Accelerating Education for the SDGs in Universities (SDSN).

Each case is uniquely tailored

Combining expertise, practices, and tools to suit your specific situation.


We design and deliver practical, dynamic, and interactive training for students, employees, and entrepreneurs. We combine our expertise in sustainability, strategy, and social innovation with new unexpected ways of implementation.

Tailored to fit the audience profile and learning objectives. The duration of the course and method of delivery is adapted to your preferences.


Do you have a complex question that requires expertise in sustainability, innovation, strategy, or impact?

You can book a paid session with one of our experts.

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