Instant access to System Thinking

Each case is uniquely tailored

Combining expertise, practices, and tools to suit your specific situation

Think Tank as a service

Imagine you had your own think tank to explore new horizons, diagnose a problem, test innovative solutions, plan an ambitious project or co-create the best strategy ever.

Dialogues and interventions

Facilitated dialogue makes groups and organizations smarter, more resourceful and resilient. Our facilitators have at least ten years of practice and a wide range of certified methods, in several languages, and they are in multiple geographies.

Digital field research

AlterContacts conducts dialogues with any sampled population in a systematic way. We use the anonymized results for a better understanding of the world, whether it is used to save the planet or to diagnose an economic segment.

Best Practices

Our practices are officially recognized as efficient and effective, even during crisis times.

Everything is confidential

The Think Tank keeps all client information as private

Below we share some anonymized snippets of success stories

Adapt to a changing reality

Feeling the incumbent change of the market, a 100-year-old Italian financial institution invested in the next generation of young executives to change the company from inside.

#SDG09 Sustainable innovation: Agile Sprints and Masterclasses accelerate the evolution of best practices.

Improve your team srategy

Collective thinking transforms problems into opportunities and opens new possibilities for the shared business services of a large financial institution in Luxembourg.

#SDG17 Partnerships: Collaboration Across Business Service Teams with Shared Stakeholders.

Equip to be lean and agile

Game-based experiential training improves learning about AGILE dev-ops for 200 team leads of a traditional Swiss pharmaceutical company.

#SDG08 Economic growth: Use only what works from world-class methods for each specific case. "Less is more"'

Discard what is not necessary

Get rid of the ballst, simplify or commoditize the operations, and find what processes are missing to cope with a changing scenario, helped medium size businesses to evolve during the crisis.

#SDG09: Align your aim to the current reality and shift focus by probing available options.

Shorter time to validate ideas

Think Tank AlterContacts joined 30 thousand participants in the #EUvsVirus Hackathon, which produced over 120 projects in 40 countries.

#SDG08 Proposal for economic resilience of self-employed professionals in the European Union due to COVID19

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