Global Think Tank for Sustainable Development

NGO in Special Consultative Status with the United Nations ECOSOC since 2022

We make voices heard

Acting as a virtual laboratory for civil society ideas on sustainable development, Think Tank AlterContacts aims to be the driver of positive change contributing to the SDGs. We identify institutional voids or societal problems that are not addressed, bring attention to them, and incubate possible solutions locally that could be adopted globally. 

We innovate by simplifying. We generate laser-focused ideas to address broad challenges and develop highly tailored solutions with systemic impact. Our initiatives are registered by the United Nations as SDG Partnerships. Our rapid scale-up strategy for social impact is recommended in the United Nations SDG Good Practices network as an "example to follow and replicate by others across the globe".


We invite you to our new online-based Competence Development Program on Sustainable Actions Design and Delivery, where we will share our insights, methods, tools, and know-how with present and aspiring Action Leaders that want to make a difference. 

Welcome to the pinnacle of professional development — the Executive Impact Mastery Program: Navigating Sustainable Futures. As industry leaders, your strategic decisions shape not only the trajectory of your organizations but also leave a lasting imprint on society and the environment. This exclusive program is crafted to elevate your understanding and proficiency in orchestrating sustainable projects that seamlessly align with your organization's long-term strategy and global benchmarks.

Our work for Sustainable Development

Composition of rural scenes and actors

In 2022, we launched an international program to revive rural areas worldwide by mobilizing local youth and contributing to a green, digital and resilient recovery of their economy.  It is officially recognized and published by the United Nations as the SDG Acceleration Action #SDGAction46967.

Successful young graduates

Started in 2020, the AlterContacts Academy tackles three key societal issues: School-to-work transition; Youth development and employment; and Social inclusion. It is part of the Higher Education Sustainability Initiative (HESI).


Our ambition is to prototype a new economy, based on trust, where all agents -- entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent professionals, and startups -- contribute to each other’s well-being in a sustainable way. Key initiatives include Lockdown Economy and Business GreenHouse.

Encyclopedia on Sustainable Living in the post pandemic world

We are preparing the Encyclopedia on Sustainable Living in the Post-Pandemic World. It is based on unique practices and lessons collected from certified experts worldwide. The practical implementation is done through the Sustainable Makoever initiative. 

Humanity Arcade

This program includes initiatives dedicated to Digital Health and Safety and socially meaningful application of digital technologies. It was started during the COVID-19 pandemic when confinement made digital a defining part of our lives.

The United Nations house

We operate as a virtual laboratory of ideas, incubating initiatives that contribute towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030. We are identifying and testing new ways of socially just transitioning toward Sustainable Development. We do it by running grassroots local projects spread across the globe.

The European parliament

Think Tank AlterContacts support the efforts of the EU to shape a safer and better world for all. Through effective multi-stakeholder partnerships and civil society initiatives, we contribute to making Europe greener, more digital, and more resilient with a special focus on empowering youth, small businesses and reviving rural areas.

2022 globe awards gold winner

As a Think Tank with more than 300 top experts in 42 countries, we believe that the best way to trigger change at scale is to enable others. We provide expert advice, training, and capacity-building for the effective orchestration and deployment of sustainable actions at scale.

"Development is sustainable if it meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." – Report 'Our Common Future' by the Brundtland Commission, 1987