Think Tank for Sustainable Development

In Special Consultative Status with the United Nations ECOSOC

Research on Circular Economy in coastal areas

In April 2024, we onboarded a team of twenty-three online United Nations Volunteers to conduct desktop research on various aspects of the circular economy, focusing on the coastal areas of Greece, Italy, and Spain, within the framework of the SDG Acceleration Action "Kilometro Circular". Our in-house expert team initiated field research in the area in December 2023, laying the groundwork for this collaborative endeavor. Read more here.

The European parliament

European Union

We participate in EU Grant projects and applications for ERASMUS+, HORIZON, CREA, INTERREG, and others as a contributing partner. As a small-scale actor, we support the development, transfer and implementation of innovative practices, joint initiatives promoting cooperation and mutual learning. To project consortiums, we bring expertise in line with the green transition, the European Sustainability Competence Framework, the European Green Deal, and the New European Bauhaus. Press here to read what we do with the European Union

The United Nations house

United Nations

We lead UN-registered SDG Acceleration Actions and Partnerships. Our specialty is in developing unique and hands-on approaches for social engagement and participation, social inclusion and intercultural dialogue, enabling grassroots and micro organizations to be active across borders – in Europe and beyond. Our methods are featured as a United Nations SDG Good Practice. Press here to read what we do with the United Nations

Academy for Sustainable Development

Through the Academy, we develop innovative and practical curricula for higher and vocational education institutions to support their role as drivers of sustainable socio-economic development. In collaboration with universities, we design advanced programs and courses that bridge the educational sector with civil society and SMEs, promote an entrepreneurial mindset and inclusive digital literacy, increase youth employment, and enable digital and green transition in the European Union. Press here to learn more

High-Level Events

We facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogue and international multilateral partnerships to foster systemic improvement and innovation for SDGs and Agenda 2030. We do it through events and meetings at the level of national ministers, regional governments, permanent representations to the EU, European Commissioners, delegations to the United Nations, and rectors of universities. Press here to see past and upcoming events


The results of our extensive fieldwork and research are referenced in the official reports by the United Nations Secretary-General and the European Commission, and become the source of policy-making at the European and international levels. We regularly provide written consultations on topics related to sustainable socio-economic development. Press here to see our published reports and articles


As a Think Tank with more than 300 top experts in 42 countries, we believe that the best way to trigger change at scale is to enable others. We provide expert advice, training, and capacity-building for the effective orchestration and deployment of sustainable actions at scale. Press here to read more about the think tank

"Development is sustainable if it meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." – Report 'Our Common Future' by the Brundtland Commission, 1987