What we do with the United Nations

In 2022, the United Nations Economic and Social Council granted Think Tank AlterContacts a Special Consultative Status. It enables us to share the insights from our initiatives with the policy-makers at the international level.

We operate as a virtual laboratory of ideas, incubating initiatives that contribute towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030. We identify and test new ways of socially just transitioning toward Sustainable Development. We do it by running grassroots local projects spread across the globe. Throughout the year, we are continually raising public awareness about the social issues related to youth, entrepreneurship, and sustainability.

SDG Partnerships

Kilometro Circular - Blue KmC² Living Labs network

A network of universities, governmental agencies, NGOs and private organizations participate in a multi-stakeholder SDG Action that aims to create a sustainable, and prosperous community within one square kilometer of land, regardless of whether it is located in an urban, rural, or coastal area by making them fully circular. Press here to explore the initiative 

Across the globe, young people are disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly in the world of work. Recent graduates are struggling to enter the labor market. The current situation calls for a more efficient and dynamic education. We want to give young people opportunities to develop their potential to shape the future of the world. The United Nations has registered it as an SDG Partnership #SDGAction43794 in the framework of the Higher Education Sustainability Initiative (HESI).

Composition of rural scenes and actors

An international program to revive rural areas worldwide by mobilizing local youth and contributing to a green, digital and resilient recovery of their economy.  It is officially recognized and published by the United Nations as the SDG Acceleration Action #SDGAction46967.

To help small businesses and self-employed professionals overcome the challenges of the pandemic and reactivate the economy, in May 2020 we launched the Lockdown Economy. It is a global non-profit grassroots social-economic and educational movement. The United Nations has recognized it as an Acceleration Action for the Sustainable Development Goals #SDGAction33515.

Think Tank AlterContacts is preparing an Encyclopedia on Sustainable Living in the Post-Pandemic World. It is based on unique practices and lessons collected from certified experts worldwide. The practical implementation is done through the Sustainable Makoever initiative. The goal is to bring knowledge and guidance to people from all backgrounds that would allow them to live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. The initiative is registered as the SDG Acceleration Action at the United Nations.

Sustainable Makeover

Sustainable Makeover aims to help girls and young women from all backgrounds to amplify their talents and natural beauty, gain confidence in themselves, and embrace their potential to be the leaders of sustainable change. The initiative is registered in the UN SDG partnerships system. The toolkits produced for the program will be integrated with the Encyclopedia on Sustainable Living in the Post-Pandemic World.

It is a collaborative program for young graduates of vocational and tertiary education. It is aimed to amplify the chances of success in the world of work. It equips them with a new systemic approach to goal setting, problem-solving, ideation, solution design, project planning, and personal or business development. The initiative is registered as SDG Acceleration Action at the United Nations.

Part of Action Networks

Events and Training

On Jan 30, 2024, together with UNCTAD, Think Tank AlterContacts hosted a virtual side event  "Circular Economy for SDGs: Inspiring Transformations Towards Sustainable, Resilient, and Innovative Solutions". It presented the circular economy as a holistic framework that reinforces the principles of the 2030 Agenda, addressing poverty eradication, resilience, and innovation in the face of multiple crises.

On July 13, together with UNCTAD, Think Tank AlterContacts hosted a Round Table on Urban Entrepreneurship. It was part of the 2023 edition of the SDGs Learning, Training & Practice – a series of capacity-building sessions held annually as a Special Event for the United Nations High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development. Watch the recording here.

On June 21, the Forum will bring together representatives of foundations, governments, universities, think tanks, and NGOs from around the world to exchange the latest advancements, complex challenges, and unique approaches to playing an active role in Sustainable Development. By invitation only. 

On 28 June, Think Tank AlterContacts presented the Lockdown Economy at the United Nations Conference celebrating Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Day 2021. We presented insights on entrepreneurship during the pandemic based on Lockdown Economy, the field research from 330+ entrepreneurs across 5 continents, 41 countries, and 78 different economic activities. Showing what role they are playing in restoring the global economy!

Providing Expertise

During the United Nations ECOSOC High-level Segment 2023, Think Tank AlterContacts provided written consultation on the role of entrepreneurship in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030. It was officially published as part of the Statements submitted by Non-Governmental Organizations in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council. We invite you to read it on page 9.

Think Tank AlterContacts has taken part in the Global Online Stakeholder Consultation of the United Nations 2023 ECOSOC Partnership Forum. During the forum, all contributions will be shared with countries, the UN system, international organizations, local governments, NGOs, MSMEs, civil society, scientists, academia, women, youth, and other stakeholders. 

The findings of Think Tank AlterContacts have been referenced in the United Nations Report of the Secretary-General A/77/254 from 29 July 2022. It is an honor that our research now contributes to policy-making and shaping of Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development worldwide.

UN Digital Library

Our initiatives provide valuable field research for the current-day social problems in the field of youth, education, entrepreneurship, and sustainability; and hands-on experience in solving them. As a think tank, we then work through this data and outcomes to supply recommendations and possible methods on how that problem can be addressed on a larger scale.

The UN Department of Social and Economic Affairs has registered Lockdown Economy as one of the SDG Good Practices, Success Stories and Lessons Learned. Our initiative has become one of the "inspiring breakthroughs and success stories that are showing results and impacts all over the world, and several good practices can be replicated and scaled up to address existing gaps and constraints."

Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC

In December 2022, the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) adopted the recommendation of the Committee on Non- Governmental Organizations to grant special consultative status to Think Tank AlterContacts. Now we can provide written and oral consultations to the United Nations, organize side events, and much more to make voices heard.