Sustainability Training Workshops

Make your organization more profitable and efficient by enabling your team to navigate the sustainability dialogue and adopt the latest sustainable practices. 

Equip your organization for action

suitable for teams, leaders, career professionals from all levels of maturity: start with expert talks and information that brings new knowledge, gradually evolving into a facilitated team dialogue where everyone contributes to bring new ideas into reality.

Tailored to your needs, delivered online, onsite, or in hybrid formats, and different languages.

Group size: from one-on-one mentoring up to interactive facilitated sessions with hundreds of people

Practical approach to simplify the goals, identify solutions, accelerate your actions, and report to share the results!

To book or get information about a session tailored to your wishes, simply send an email with your requirements to or use the Contacts Us button at the top of the screen

All training and workshops are delivered or facilitated by experts of AlterContacts, an award-winning Think Tank for Sustainable Development with Special Consultative Status awarded by the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

Popular themes include: Sustainable Development | Circular Economy | SDG and Agenda 2030 | ESG, SBT and reporting | Recycling and Environmental Sustainability | Applying sustainable practices in everyday business life | Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) | Environment Social and Governance (ESG) | EU Taxonomy | Science Based Targets (SBT) | corporate responsibility (CR or CSR) | Carbon footprint | GreenHouse Gases (GHG) | Greenwashing | the Green, Blue and Orange economies including Circularity | green energy | water and waste management, among others.

Our masters and facilitators are experienced professionals each one in their own field, and certified in a wide range of methods and tools.

We work mostly in English, Spanish and Italian. Our expert facilitator network covers several more languages.

What our clients say

"Now we have a more clear understanding of the relationship between SDG and ESG."

"By far the most inclusive conversation I've ever had!"

"I wish all trainings were engaging like this one!"

"A totally new way to share knowledge."

"We got a chance to practice joint decision-making in a fun and interactive environment."

"So insigthful how easily we can all take part in the solution."

"Now we are even more proud about our own company."

"You really made all voices heard."

"All participants realized the impact of emerging trends on their workplace."

All profit from our services are used to fund non-profit projects under the umbrella of multiple SDG Partnerships and Accelerated Actions for Social and Economic Development 

On July 13, together with UNCTAD, Think Tank AlterContacts hosted a Round Table on Urban Entrepreneurship. It was part of the 2023 edition of the SDGs Learning, Training & Practice – a series of capacity-building sessions held annually as a Special Event for the United Nations High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development.