Meeting with the Faculty of Information Studies in Novo mesto

On October 3, in the framework of the Erasmus+ project AI4VET4AI, Think Tank AlterContacts visited The Faculty of Information Studies in Novo Mesto. The Faculty is the first entity of public higher education in Southeastern Slovenia. The meeting was organized and hosted by the Dean Prof. Dr. Matej Makarovic and his team. Among the guests was another consortium partner - the scientific and technological center Rudolfovo. 

The meeting marked an essential milestone in the collaboration between the three organizations. The discussions focused on participation in the AI4VET4AI project, emphasizing the cross-disciplinary nature. The participants shared insights on their unique contributions and the collective vision to empower the next generation with AI skills. The three organizations exchanged ideas on potential synergies that could amplify the impact of their combined efforts. These included joint research initiatives, knowledge sharing, and collaborative projects to push the boundaries of AI education and research.

"We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the team at FIŠ and the Dean for their warm welcome in Slovenia," said the co-founders of Think Tank AlterContacts. "This meeting underscores our commitment to advancing artificial intelligence in vocational education and creating a brighter future for all."

The collaboration between FIŠ, Rudolfovo, and Think Tank AlterContacts promises to pave the way for innovative solutions in the field of artificial intelligence education and research.

From left to right: Dr. Matej Makarovic, Julia K. Skupchenko, Massimo Mercuri, Maja Kocjan, (), Katja Peterlin, Dr. Janez Kolar

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