Humanizing Digital

This program includes initiatives dedicated to Digital Health and Safety and the socially meaningful application of digital technologies. It was started during the COVID-19 pandemic when confinement made digital a defining part of our lives.

There are half billion native Spanish speakers globally including Latin America, Spain and the islands. The majority have never accessed a Web 3 platform. We want to close the digital gap for the young generation of spanish speaking students and recent graduates, during their school-to-work transition time, to improve their competitive edge in the global job market

The COVID-19 pandemic has made confinement a defining part of our lives. Our idea was to provide a safe and entertaining environment where anyone can learn about complex subjects. That's how Humanity Arcade was designed. It is a digital portal that connects children with a safe, healthy selection of good-quality titles from conscious developers. It became a Finalist at the Stanford 2021 LEAD Incubator & Startup Accelerator program. 

This is a one-level prototype. The idea is to provide a safe and entertaining environment where anyone can learn about particle physics.  It serves as a prototype of a learning micro-module for the future "Info-verse”. The minigame is available for free in Google Store.

Shared Access to Intellectual Property is a consortium proposal. The goal is to set up a transparently governed organisation to work on a shared and open set of standards and protocols to connect the dots of design, specifications, hackers, repairers, manufacturers, to unbind in the material world the same kind of transformation that the World Wide Web brought to the information ecosystem. The approach is based on the success stories of other initiatives like the World Wide Web consortium and LINUX, among others.