The Ultimate Guide for a Sustainable Activist

For the dreamer who REALLY wants to change the world!

Expected Pre-Release Date: December 2023

ISBN: 9789090369136

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Can you see the difference between positive impact and greenwashing? 

Do you know what works and what is just hype when it comes to sustainable development? 

Do you want to activate, engage, and mobilize people for good?

In this book, you will find practical and scalable examples of social impact actions, community mobilization, system thinking, and sustainable development from the practice of the Think Tank AlterContacts. Including the stories and methods from our initiative that was selected as an SDG Good Practice by the United Nations. 

We want to inspire you to become a Sustainable Activist and show what it means in practice.


Julia Skupchenko, a young female activist and an action-setter who is leading hundreds of volunteers around the world

Massimo Mercuri, a seasoned male innovator and a sistemic thinker who is connecting hundreds of experts globally