Research on Circular Economy in the coastal areas of Mediterranean Europe

In 2023, Think Tank AlterContacts launched the new SDG Acceleration Action Kilometro Circular. It aims to establish sustainable, thriving communities within a one-square-kilometer area located in urban, rural, and coastal zones. The collaborations between governments, educational institutions, NGOs, entrepreneurs, and private organizations utilize these areas to showcase innovative solutions and generate new knowledge. 

Within this project, our in-house expert team began the field research in the coastal areas of Mediterranean Europe in December 2023. From April 2024, we onboarded a team of twenty-three online UN Volunteers to carry out desktop research on various aspects of the circular economy in this region, specifically Greece, Italy, and Spain. We expect to publish the first results of the fieldwork and the academic research by September 2024.

Study Areas and Research Team

Social Welfare Example in Nea Smirni, the area of Athens, Greece – Ioanna Vlachou

Entrepreneurship and Social Welfare in Kallithea, the area of Athens, Greece - Maria Giannakopoulou

Russian-speaking Entrepreneurship in Kallithea, the area of Athens, Greece – Chantelle Moore

State of Youth and its role in Sustainable Tourism in Thessaloniki, Greece – Nikolaos Kotsiopoulos

Continent-based Island on the example of Ermioni, Greece – Lori Sangiuliano

Sustainable Mobility off-season on the Island of Spetses, Greece – Molly Shewan

Traditional Shipbuilding vs Modern vs Sustainable on the Island of Spetses, Greece – Dhitasree Guha Roy

Sustainable Entrepreneurship on the Island of Icaria, Greece – Menelaos Papakonstantinou

Solving the issue of depopulation through circular projects on the Island of Antikythera, Greece – Vasiliki Kokkalia

Community-led actions in water management  in Makry Gialos (Crete), Greece – Eleni Kyriacou

Barriers to adopting circular economy practices for small businesses in Makry Gialos, Crete, Greece – Helen Psatha

Health implications of Nano plastics in fish and seafood in Porto Novo (region of Galicia), Spain – Majd Ali

Ports and coastal areas of Santa Pola (region Valencia), Spain – Barbara Polo

Sustainable Tourism in Santa Pola (region Valencia), Spain – Lucia Roser Rider Garcia

Sustainable Youth entrepreneurship in Santa Pola (region Valencia), Spain – Soraya Zobiri

Sustainable Tourism in Sanxenxo (region Galicia), Spain – Giuliana Ribas

The role of diet in circular economy in Sanxenxo (region Galicia), Spain – Cinta Eugenio Rua

Fishing vs. Shipping in Bari (Puglia region), Italy – Martina Marcon

Youth Development in Monopoli (Puglia region), Italy – Dorotea Risolino

Sustainable Tourism in the Region of Veneto, Italy – Mauro Turetta

State of Youth and its role in Sustainable Tourism in Savona, Italy – Chiara Castano

Fishing industry and Circular Practices in Genoa, Italy – Anika Delic

Transition towards sustainable tourism and circular economy in Ustica (Sicily), Italy – Martina Mingoia