EU co-funded project on AI-powered Next Generation of VET

Think Tank AlterContacts is part of the consortium that in June 2023 was awarded the Erasmus+ grant for Centres of Vocational Excellence (COVE). The project "AI-powered Next Generation of Vocational Education Training" (AI4VET4AI) is dedicated to equipping VET students with digital skills and allowing them to choose their career path. The consortium consists of 26 partners from 11 countries. It is coordinated by the English University College Algebra, Croatia. 

The general objective of AI4VET4AI is to establish a transnational European platform for vocational education and training (VET) excellence. This platform aims to contribute to the digital transformation of the EU labour market by introducing innovative teaching content and methods into vocational education and training (VET) curricula across 11 European countries. The primary goal is to support and foster the growth of a skilled workforce in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

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News and Events

Seminar on AI for Educators

On April 15, Think Tank AlterContacts is hosting a seminar "Demystifying AI for educators" at the Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Dronten. Participants gained crucial insights, practical strategies, and cutting-edge knowledge necessary for navigating the intricate terrain of education in the digital era. Guided by our experts, they examined AI applications in educational contexts, innovative pedagogical approaches, and engaged in collaborative dialogue aimed at harnessing AI's transformative potential to enrich learning environments.

Masterclass at Leiden University

On November 30, Think Tank AlterContacts hosted a masterclass at Leiden University, where they explored the current developments of Artificial intelligence in the context of the European Union, including recent regulations and laws. Together with the students, they uncovered how AI might influence international affairs in the years and decades to come, what challenges and opportunities it presents for the European Union.

Meetup for the Amsterdam Women Entrepreneurs

On November 17, Think Tank AlterContacts is hosting a meetup titled "AI-Powered Success: A Woman Entrepreneur's Playbook". It will bring together women entrepreneurs of Amsterdam to explore how they can use AI to be more successful in business, and ultimately equip themselves with the tools and knowledge needed to take their business to new heights. Sign up here.

Masterclass at the University of Amsterdam

On November 7, Think Tank AlterContacts and the University of Amsterdam are co-hosting an awareness-raising event for the students. The topic is "The Role of AI in shaping the landscape of Social Entrepreneurship and SDGs". The guest speaker is Massimo Mercuri. More information about the event here.

Announcing WP3 Awareness-Raising Events (NL)

In the heat of business activities in the Netherlands in the Autumn of 2023, Think Tank AlterContacts announced the beginning of the awareness-raising events (Work Package 3). The goal is to raise awareness of AI skills for job opportunities. This work package is coordinated by a partner from Croatia - CroAI. The text of the announcement is here.

On Oct 3, in the framework of the Erasmus+ project AI4VET4AI, Think Tank AlterContacts visited two of the partners in Slovenia: the Faculty of Information Studies in Novo mesto (FIŠ) and Rudolfovo, the scientific and technological centre. The meeting was prominently featured in the local press.

AI4VET4AI’s first in-person meeting in Zagreb

The first in-person meeting took place in Zagreb on September 28-29, 2023. It was such an insightful and inspiring event and a great chance to meet our consortium partners from 26 organizations and 11 countries. The event provided a comprehensive platform for key activities and discussions that will guide the AI4VET4AI project into the future. More details on the website of the project.

AI4VET4AI project successfully launched!

On 28th June 2023, the AI4VET4AI consortium had its first meeting online with nearly 50 attendees from 26 organizations. Think Tank AlterContacts shared a short presentation about its role in the project. The initial milestones were set by the Project Coordinator. More details on the website of the project.