ECOSOC Partnership Forum 2023 Consultation

During the forum, all contributions will be shared with countries, the UN system, international organizations, local governments, NGOs, MSMEs, civil society, scientists, academia, women, youth, and other stakeholders.

Please, share one policy recommendation to enhance partnerships and stakeholder engagement to accelerate the implementation of the SDGs from now until 2030. 

Create a simple mechanism (e.g. public online form) whereby independent individuals, students, small businesses, and other social groups have a way to voluntarily report their efforts on SDG implementation to the national governments on an ongoing basis. Award the contributors with written recognition that they can share with friends and colleagues. 

Could you share an example of a game-changing action and/or innovative multi-stakeholder partnership that is making an impact on SDGs implementation on the ground and that could be featured at the 2023 ECOSOC Partnership Forum? 

SDG partnership “mOther Earth” by the Think Tank AlterContacts (#SDGAction46967). Its objective is to revive and repopulate rural areas around the world by creating economic and educational opportunities. With the main goal to build a new type of rural sustainable self-sufficient settlements led by women and youth.  

The innovativeness of the approach to SDGs implementation on the ground lies in three dimensions: integrating and enabling; going to the ‘field’; and including everyone. The encompassing nature of this project calls for truly a multi-stakeholder partnership.

First, instead of duplicating what’s already being done – we INTEGRATE and ENABLE others. We find local entities and activists who have already been trying to implement one small element of the project on their own. We learn from their experience and ideas they have. Using our methods from the SDG Good Practice (#SDGAction33515), we enable them to make small but impactful changes to multiply their positive effect. We feature and promote what they do under the umbrella of the SDG partnership to add credibility to their initiative and allow them to open doors. We connect them to initiatives locally and internationally that can give them a boost. 

Second, instead of inventing or re-inventing how the project for rural areas can be done from the comfort of a city apartment – we GO TO THE ‘FIELD’. We spend months in various rural locations, meeting local people, asking what they enjoy about living in a village and what they are missing. At the same time, it allows us to truly experience local life - the challenges and advantages it has. And of course, to create deeper meaningful connections with the people and entities who will become the partners of implementing this SDG action in the near future.

Third, instead of limiting this SDG partnership to only a few entities – we INCLUDE everyone. Starting from the pilot project in Spain, to make sure that there is support, political will, and alignment with existing policies and actions, we have invited every single regional and provincial government to be part of it. In the brainstorming process during the fieldwork, we have already included local people from 3 years old to 87 years old. For example, we asked 260 children of a local school between 3 and 12 years old to draw or write what they love about their village and what ideas they have for it. They were extremely enthusiastic and proud to participate in formulating what will be the future of their village. We made all results, including featured drawings and stories available online publicly. 


What is your main message to world leaders and other stakeholders on strengthening partnerships and stakeholder engagement for SDG implementation, in the lead up to the SDG Summit?

Share your spotlight and media attention with local grass-roots SDG initiatives around the world. Help them to let people know that they exist, they make an actual difference, and they need any support they can get. Not one ‘special’ initiative but ALL thousands of them.

You can read the Summary Report of the 2023 United Nations ECOSOC Partnership Forum Global Online Stakeholder Consultation here.