Encyclopedia on Sustainable Living in the Post-Pandemic World

The initiative is featured as SDG Acceleration Action towards the Agenda 2030, with hashtag #SDGAction43888

Inspired by the life story of our co-founder Massimo Mercuri and with the knowledge of researchers in different countries, Think Tank AlterContacts is preparing an Encyclopedia on Sustainable Living in the Post-Pandemic World. It is based on unique practices and lessons collected from certified experts worldwide. The goal is to bring knowledge and guidance to people from all backgrounds that would allow them to live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. 

The themes of the Encyclopedia include Eating and Recipes; Fitness; Daily Habits; Inner Harmony; and Positive Communication. The Encyclopedia cannot be used as medical advice, although it is meant as an alternative opinion on healthy living. Once ready, the Encyclopedia will be shared with people within the United Nations registered initiative #SDGAction39159 as a way to help changing lifestyle for a sustainable, healthy, and prosperous existence. Our target population is the youngest, to prepare the future generations of humanity.

This project contributes primarily to SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being. The pandemic has affected all of us physically and mentally. It is more important than ever to share knowledge that can improve the quality of living and practice SDG daily. The approach is based on eliminating things we do not need and making our life more sustainable. 

This certification program is designed for practitioners of yoga, nutrition, wellness, mental health, and  similar specializations. The aim is to enrich your practice with the Simple Guiding Principles of Sustainable Living and give you the seal of quality that will set you apart.

We are compiling a collection of curated sources for those who want to learn more about the role of nutrition in health and sustainable lifestyle.

Related SDG Partnerships for Action

Sustainable Makeover aims to help girls and young women from all backgrounds to amplify their talents and natural beauty, gain confidence in themselves, and embrace their potential to be the leaders of sustainable change. The initiative is registered in the UN SDG partnerships system. The toolkits produced for the program will be integrated with the Encyclopedia on Sustainable Living in the Post-Pandemic World.

We are grateful for the dedication and support of UN Volunteer writers:

Marcus Henry, Australia

Chantelle Moore, United States

Robert Adam Moir, Canada

Drishti Vaaid, India

Jenny Guo, China

Lethabo Ingrid Semakaleng Chilwane, South Africa

Prashanti Poudyal, Nepal

Nikita Rajagopal, India

Cath McLellan, Spain

Sonya Rose Stephen, United States

And UN volunteer editors:

Andrew Goodell, Mexico

Isabella White, Venezuela

Lilian Lee, Malaysia

Victor Odiase, Nigeria

Zachary Binhaji, the United Kingdom